Authentic Insights, Innovation,
and Youth-Powered Marketing

YouthVine™ —is our proprietary online community, led by expert youth facilitators that help brands read between the lines to discover what it takes to succeed.

Immersive has a sweet spot—uncovering the unspoken truths within Gen Z and Millennial audiences. We keep brands in tune with young people and in touch with emerging opportunities, by staying engaged in an ongoing capacity. Through the Immersive YouthVine™ we match our research modes and strategies to the market realities— online and real-world interactions that lead the way for authentic brand building, product development and marketing campaigns.

Online Advisory Groups

Mobile Video Surveys

Benchmark Studies

Content Testing

Strategy Playbooks

Co-Creation Activities

Advertising Validation

Concept Development

Youth-Created Content

Influencer Partnerships

Advocacy Programs

Campaign Evaluation

Insights and Engagement Model

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