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Stats & Perspectives for Youth Marketing Professionals

Years back the role of Energy Drinks shifted from “lift” to a lifestyle “badge”. What started as a mood enhancer, changed to a performance enhancer, and has now evolved into a personality enhancer. The growing micro trend in the beverage industry today is to capitalize on the emergence of... their desire to shift to natural energy as who-i-am.
If we told you we’d have to kill you.
The dads of suburbia are putting more time in with kids and joining our ranks when it comes to household shopping duties. Marketers, dad isn’t just to go-to guy for electronics and mancave stuff anymore!
Super Mom/Tween Parent, YouthVine
Mall shopping is not the impulsive buying place it used to be, teens and young adults are typically going in with an item in mind and definitely a range of budget. Marketers need to work smarter before, at the point of purchase and after the sale.
Gregg Witt Chief Engagement Officer, Immersive
38% of high school girls and 39% of boys quit team sports because they were not having fun or didn’t get along with their coach. Action sports and individualized activities continue to rise in popularity.
ESPN Research/Immersive translation
Co-creation is key to the youth equation. Putting together the right crew to ensure products and services are offering the right value and take ownership in the brand is where to begin.
Gregg Witt Chief Engagement Officer, Immersive