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Youth Marketing LIES: Print-Media Is Extinct

Youth Marketing LIES: Print-Media Is Extinct

A common belief among marketers is, printed media has become extinct among technology-dependent youth audiences. This prevalent belief undermines the influence of many relevant and functional uses of print media among today’s youth. Although digital media sources remained powerful channels for youth outreach in 2015, it is important to consider when print media could offer a better option for your marketing purposes.


3 Reasons Why Print Media Still Matters for Engaging Youth:

1. Tangible Artifacts Engage Multi-Sensory Experiences

Consider the ways a teenager might interact with your ad in a magazine. Circling highlighting, collaging and posting things they like on their wall. The impact of print media holds a key advantage of being physically tangible beyond the screen of a phone. Instead of viewing your content with several other tabs open on their computer, users are 100% focused on your content in their favorite magazine, as they interact with your printed media source.

Although many digital technologies seek to imitate “page swiping” motion and high-resolution displays, there is nothing quite like having a printed magazine in your hands. The smell of ink, the sound of the page turning, and the feel of the paper in between your fingers. Engaging the user on multiple sensory modes increases the user's experience with your print media.


2. Longer Shelf-Life Opens Doors to New Markets

Magazines, newspapers, and zines can be kept much longer than social content or online ads that eventually get lost in the digital abyss. The overload of information available on the web makes it increasingly difficult for your media to be viewed and processed by individuals. You hope (Sally) the teenage girl will notice your ad on her favorite site, but with music playing, multiple tabs open, and a developed avoidance for all things ad related on her computer the likelihood that she reads your post or views your ad decreases dramatically. Online media, however, does not carry the same stigma as there is something artistic and lasting about print media that makes it more worthwhile to view.


3. Be Different. Reinvent the Function of Print-Media.

Fewer brands are advertising in the print world. Therefore there is an opportunity to be different. Old print media ways may be outdated, but with the ability to impact individuals in a tangible way, perhaps the questions we should be asking is how might we reinvent the ways in which we use print media to engage users. Digital media is a necessary component of your marketing campaign, and you should consider ways in which print media can make you stand out.

What is your stance on the relevance of print media? Share your thoughts!

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