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Youth Marketing Lie #2: Believing Rented Social Media Triumphs Branded Digital Property

Youth Marketing Lie #2: Believing Rented Social Media Triumphs Branded Digital Property

Before creating and promoting content on social media platforms, we challenge brands heading off into the digital ocean to ask themselves what they plan to achieve. Rented land (non-owned, 3rd party social and digital media channels) provides the youth audience reach needed, but if you don’t bring your targeted consumers back to port (your website, landing page, app or other digital hub), then it can quickly become an ineffective use of time and resources.

To better understand why your branded domains should be the central harbor where consumers arrive to, the Immersive team shares the following points for consideration

Drive Followers Home

Bringing young consumers to your owned app or site where you are more likely to convert a sale, acquire a sign-up, or measure intent to purchase. The purpose of your presence on social media channels is to grow your brand’s awareness among consumers, not to grow the popularity of the rented social media you are using. When you move interactions off social media, the platform loses its leverage. Using social media to direct your audience engagement to your digital platform allows you control of consumer-brand relations. By shifting the attention from social media platforms to your site, the result implicates that the rented land no longer dictates the relationship. The majority of brands who built their success doing content marketing effectively, directed consumers to a brand-owned place for acquisition. Even some of the biggest YouTubers have their own site or mobile app to build brand equity with their subscribers, provide exclusive offers, or to sell them something.

Your Social Media Rent Is Going Up!

As youth marketers, we have in many cases leased out our land, or at least its content. The rental prices are increasing as social media channels expand. There is no better time than the present to create social experiences that drive consumers back to your own domain. Invest your mindshare and dollars into build and incorporate something worthy into your social content marketing, that will then drive young people to your brand.

A Few Ways Youth Brands Can Optimize Owned Land

  • Embed online contest tools on your site vs limited engagement on social platforms, it’s easy to do with almost every promo builder software.
  • Display social media content (photo and video galleries are a good example) on your site and incorporate ways to feature your most active fans/customers. This is an excellent technique to help make young people look good within their circle of friends. It creates a closer relationship with your market by featuring them on your website, and it will keep them coming back.
  • Drive consumers to your brand by creating URLs that convey brand messages and engagement strategies designed for specific target markets. Each URL can be promoted within niche youth audiences without worrying if it will work for everyone.
  • Create games and other forms of viral content which originate on your site, or a microsite, in order to create a viral loop with the consumers. Doing this, won’t create a bypass for your owned media.

Successful youth brands are facilitating conversion-driven strategies that lead consumers to brand-owned channels. Stake your claim!

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