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Why Snapchat Marketing is the Key to Target Tweens and Teens

Why Snapchat Marketing is the Key to Target Tweens and Teens

There is no better way to successfully engage your audience than communicating where your audience is, and data proves tweens and teens are the most active Snapchat users.

While 41% of teens are now on Snapchat, only 23% of them are still using Facebook. The fact remains, teens desire parent-free social media destinations.

In addition to being the favorite social network for Generation Z, Snapchat also has two significant advantages for your brand marketing:

  • Less competition: Most brands still focus their social presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which can make it quite difficult to break through the advertising noise. Even though many brands are already using Snapchat to connect with consumers in highly personal and engaging ways, there is still less competition than on other social channels. The first movers with authentic strategies will have a distinct advantage in the consumer acquisition race.
  • Undeniable authenticity: Brand communications on Snapchat are much different than what consumers engage with on other social networks. Tweens and teens expect unpolished content that tells your branded stories in the most authentic, fun and inspiring ways imaginable. Remember, Generation Z are your best brand ambassadors as they won’t hesitate when inspired, to share your content with their friends -- if they like it.


Mondelez International, the snack company, was one of the first to notice the incredible opportunities of Snapchat marketing and didn’t hesitate to jump on the platform to promote its Sour Patch Kids candy brand. It is an excellent example of a brand that is nailing it at communicating with Generation Z, whether it is about raising awareness or engaging its customers.

"Snapchat is a quick, easy and fun way to communicate that provides a different kind of creative expression than other platforms," explained Farrah Bezner, Mondelez's marketing director for the company's candy division.

Understanding clearly the tremendous power of influencer marketing, Mondelez partnered in one of its first campaigns, called "Real-life Sour Patch Kids,” with Vine star Paul Logan to massively increase its followers.

Together, they created a five-day series of Snapchat stories recording pranks around New York City via Snapchat. The campaign was playing on the brand’s tagline, “First, they’re sour, then they’re sweet”, as the pranks went from “sweet” at the beginning to more “sour” as the days passed.

The results were surprising:
• +120,000 new Snapchat followers
• + 6.8m Snapchat impressions generated (with 583k on Day One!)
• +26,000 screenshots
• + 1,900 Twitter mentions of the Snapchat campaign


Sour Patch Video

Written by Sindbad Khlif


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