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What One Group of High School Students Think About Social Media

What One Group of High School Students Think About Social Media

A few weeks ago, our Chief Engagement Officer, Gregg Witt delivered an inspirational talk on “finding your passion and putting it into action" for teenagers interested in content marketing careers at Youth Campaigns Headquarters. Afterwards, he sat around the table with 13 teenagers to hear their unfiltered perspectives on social media, and the apps they prefer to use for sharing content. 

Insightful Quotes

"I LOVE Snapchat the most cuz pictures delete fast, and there is not pressure to be perfect."

"Twitter -- Twitter is LIFE."

"Snapchat is the best. Basically bc it's easy, handy, quick, and fun."

"Instagram is where my friends and I get artsy; Snapchat is where we tell our real stories."

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Written by Gregg Witt

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