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How Successful Brands Get Gen Z To Bite: Evaluate Your Content Hook  (Part 2)

How Successful Brands Get Gen Z To Bite: Evaluate Your Content Hook (Part 2)

Every great youth marketing campaign and content needs a hook to make the experience drive results. The hook needs to be memorable and capture the attention of young audiences. The best hooks with tweens and teens center around the "cool factor" of your product or content and what you are doing to make them look good amongst peers. Create experiences that are fresh and authentic to your brand. Shoot for NBD's (never-been-done) when possible, thoughtful parodies are timeless, and modern remakes of anything with nostalgic connection are in the here and now. Great hooks need to inspire brand engagement with little or no explanation and help create a deeper connection with your youth audience segments.

Pro Tip: remember when it comes to digital content, Gen Z read even less than their Millennial predecessors.

We hope you find inspiration in our second set of hook evaluation questions to consider when developing youth targeted content. Feel free to comment and add your own as well. 

Can young people be featured and made to look good by engaging with your content?

Can the product or content be customized?

Does any aspect of the brand bring back fond memories or nostalgia for the target audience?

Are the product designs or graphics likely to be better than rival/competitive products?

Do you have clever plans to market the product or service across social and digital channels?


Does the target audience respect the founders, producers, or people behind the brand? Does the brand leverage a star celebrity or influencer?



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