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Gen Z is Buying Authenticity. How Lokai Bracelets Emotionally Connect.

Gen Z is Buying Authenticity. How Lokai Bracelets Emotionally Connect.

In youth marketing, authenticity is a necessity. Rather than let our team of marketing professionals and brand experts profess what tween, teen and young adults want from brands,  we share insights directly from the source–Youthvine, our proprietary resource, led by expert youth facilitators that help brands engage young people for applicable insights, innovation, and youth-powered marketing.

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By Natalie R. Age 14

At $18 apiece, Lokai Bracelets do seem a bit overpriced. So what’s the catch? The quality, of course. The bracelets are structured in a simple manner-- small, hollow beads connected together with no closure. However, each bracelet has two beads that differ from the others: one black and one white. The black contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. The white holds water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. The company’s mantra is “Sometimes you’re on top, stay humble (represents the white bead). Sometimes you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful (represents the black bead).”

To prove their legitimacy, includes an authenticity tab on their website. Showing pictures of how the water’s collected at the source and the mud is taken right from the Dead Sea, their website is convincing. Not only is their message heartwarming, but the company also donates 10% of their net profits to charities such as WWF (World Wildlife Fund, for animal rights), Best Buddies International (to help kids with disabilities), and many others. This brand is pretty hard to resist. Especially because of its efforts to make the world a better place. Every so often they feature a bracelet of a different color (still with the water and mud), to help support some charities directly. For a limited time they’d offer a blue Lokai bracelet that donates $1 of your purchase to help World Water Day, making you want to check back on their website every so often to see what the bracelet is next to come.
Not to mention their Instagram account-- at 933k followers, @livelokai is a very popular page. The company tracks the hashtag #livelokai for a chance to be featured on their account, a feed with pictures of the bracelet plastered all over it. They’re extremely artsy and post well taken photos-- that the company didn’t even have to take themselves.

The bracelets themselves are trendy and unisex, so why can’t everyone have one? That’s why Lokai bracelets are doing it right-- they know how to please, they have a nice message, and they give back. It’s all we ask in a person, in a bracelet instead!

Inspired Takeaways

We’ve heard again and again about brands that emotionally connect with their users but Lokai bracelets show what that looks like. If you want real followers, users need to buy the message behind the brand.

  1. Make your Cause Known. Consumers want to be inspired by what your brand stands for. The first step in creating a large follower base is to align users with your mission statement.
  2. Be Authentic. Don’t be a Poser. It sounds simple but by being genuine and consistent with your brand make you likable.
  3. Do Some Good. Intentions and motivations matter. Show your followers how you’re giving back through tangible and observable methods. It’s not always what you’re selling but how and why you’re selling it.
  4. Connect people. Have followers interact with your brand by posting creative and artistic images of them using your product to connect with other followers and to inspire their peers. Connect followers on your site when possible rather than solely depending on social media channels. (Refer to Youth Marketing Lies #2: Believing Rented Social Media Triumphs Branded Digital Property).
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