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Consumer Insights: Why Generation Z Is Obsessed With Cara Delevingne

Consumer Insights: Why Generation Z Is Obsessed With Cara Delevingne

3 Insights Consumer Brands Can Learn From Delevingne

Aside from being a stunning model-turned-actress, Cara Delevingne (age 23) is a real social media character that connects with Generation Z worldwide. She is a powerful celebrity influencer (to say the least), with more than 24 million followers across her social media accounts. This girl knows how to market herself and keep connected with her fans. Below are three key observations we hope to inspire your next tween or teen-focused initiative.

Immersive Generation Z Consumer Insights

Insight #1

She is not afraid to boldly speak her mind and deals with topics that matter to Gen Z. From empowering women, and reinforcing LGBT diversity, she sticks to her beliefs and DGAF about what others think.

Pro Tip

Successful youth brands have opinions and express them. It could be anything from social causes that relate to your company, to a position on a relevant issue or sharing your creative spin on a lifestyle that is true to your brand’s DNA. Generation Z is more inclined to support brands that are unique, have some meaning behind them, and are not afraid to speak in a voice with some character.

Immersive Youth Tween Market Insights

Insight #2

She taps many genres of tween and teen entertainment. Some of her finest include lip-syncing in J-Lo’s music video alongside emoji’s, starring in the Call of Duty trailer (she also plays COD like a badass), along with acting roles as Margo in John Green’s Paper Town and Suicide Squad releasing in August.

Pro Tip 

If your business goal is to capture the mass market, be authentic with each target audience segment and how you weave it all together. It's easier said than done.

Immersive Youth Cultivates Relationships with Gen Z

Insight #3

She embraces her awkwardness and isn’t afraid to look stupid. Many celebrities are caught up in looking perfect, but Cara is fine with smudged lipstick and smashing her face in sushi.

Pro Tip

Humanize your brand and develop content and campaigns that embrace realities (sometimes that means strategically showcasing your imperfections). Generation Z detects and rejects a brand that is trying too hard and always looks perfect. That's just not reality to Gen Z.

This article was co-authored by Immersive Youthvine trendspotter, Yvonne Kwan and Immersive Chief Engagement Officer, Gregg Witt

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