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7 Ways Pokemon GO is Helping Brands Catch Gen Z and Millennial Consumers

7 Ways Pokemon GO is Helping Brands Catch Gen Z and Millennial Consumers

1)    For only $1.19 an hour, fashion retailers targeting Millennials are utilizing Lure Modules as part of their marketing strategy to catch Pokéballs and previously rocked threads in style.

2) Fast food restaurant chain, Whataburger is capitalizing on Pokémon Go craze by posting photos on social media of a Pokémon Go screen with the trainer catching a Whataburger instead of a Pokemon character.

3) McDonald’s gains an unfair advantage over the competition by transforming it's QSR locations into gyms for Pokémon Go hunters.


4) Hillary Clinton’s marketing campaign leveraged Pokémon Go Lures to drive voter registration and engages young voters at targeted Pokémon Go locations (Gyms and battlegrounds) to meet with Gen Z and Millennial hunters.

5)  Pokémon Go drivers wanted: Don't want to walk in the heat, humidity or rain to catch Pokémons. Millennial entrepreneurs are offering to be your personal Pokémon Go driver to the hot spots for around $20 per hour, including snacks and beverages.

6) Youth market trend prediction: Pokémon Go is among the first of many nostalgic brand experiences for Millennials. We predict Zelda or Super Mario may be next!

7) Immersive Youth staff favorite: Doughnut Time Instagram photo featuring the making of custom Pokéball Nutella-filled doughnuts.

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Written by Sindbad Khlif

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