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7 Generation Z Trends Impacting Consumer Brands In 2016

7 Generation Z Trends Impacting Consumer Brands In 2016

Youth and digital marketing trend predictions intended to inform and inspire

The youth market segment is amongst the most dynamic sectors in the marketing industry, and we’ve chosen a few youth-relevant trends that go beyond the “year of smartphone revenue”, customer experience, and agility. We hope you enjoy these 7 insightful trends selected from our Q4 study.

A big thanks goes to our Youthvine participants, a trend-savvy intern (Yvonne Kwan), Disney Inventor Award recipient (Derek Baird), and a former professional skateboarder turned agency exec (Gregg Witt, yeah that's me) who led the project and co-authored this Slideshare. 

In this slideshow, 7 Generation Z Trends Impacting Consumer Brands In 2016, you will find

  • Predictions related to effective influencer marketing
  • A significant shift toward quality content
  • The emergence of consumer VR
  • Exciting developments in tween and teen fashion
  • Live streaming establishing itself as the direct-to-consumer channel
  • The emergence of the social voice app category
  • Co-creation (youth collaboration) used in research, product innovation and marketing to harness the voice of consumers


Through Youthvine, we access an influential community of over 1,000 young consumers (ages 9-18) nationwide in an open dialogue, asking the right questions and engaging them with innovative co-creation projects. Over the years, our process continues to reveal the unspoken truths and moments of inspiration that help brands cultivate relevance with young people.

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