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4 Reasons Why Bonobos Menswear Appeals to Generation Z

4 Reasons Why Bonobos Menswear Appeals to Generation Z

Bonobos is an e-commerce-driven apparel company headquartered in New York City that designs and sells men’s clothing. Bonobos offers a full line of men's suits, trousers, denim, shirts, shorts, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories. The company was founded by Stanford Business School Housemates Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly, and launched exclusively online in 2007.

Bonobos is one of several leading menswear brands on a mission to help enable younger consumers never to have to rent (or buy) ugly suits and tuxedos again. Given the brand's growing popularity with Gen Z and Millennials, the Immersive team took a closer look at what Bonobos is doing right for the purpose of inspiring other lifestyle brands and retailers. 


Here’s What Bonobos is Doing Right:

Target Audience:

Bonobos focuses on Millennials and young adult consumers who have a keen sense of style and value a quality shopping experience. This targeting strategy plays to their favor by attracting younger and older audience segments that expand market reach, while staying true to who they are. For instance, teens will always have young adult aspirations, and GenXers have increasing desires to look and feel younger. Bonobos has found the sweet spot and didn't try to be all things to all audiences.

Brand Image:

Bonobos has established an authentic lifestyle brand that perfectly strikes the balance between relatable and aspirational

Brand Voice:

Bonobos has a clear understanding of who they are talking to and a well-defined voice. The brand communicates in ways that feel confident, sophisticated, in-tune with culture, yet laid back, and they are not afraid to be fun

Social Media Channels:

Bonobos understands each social channel plays a strategic role, below are a few reasons why their approach is working.


  • Focused on the aspirational lifestyle, with more of an attraction vs. promotion strategy on their Instagram account. An approach that has proven successful in streetwear, action sports, and other apparel markets


  • Focused on showcasing a mix of the brand's lifestyle, news, and product information to close the sale. A customer acquisition strategy perfectly leveraging the power of the Facebook platform


  • Focused on shared content from Instagram, press and customer service


  • Focused on showcasing their products in entertaining ways



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