our mission is to build positive connections between young people and brands.

We’re Immersive Youth Marketing, a full service agency that helps motivate consumers to action. Our hybrid model is focused on authenticity−combining brand strategy, social technologies and engaging real world experiences that resonate with young people and parents. Immersive projects impact targeted audience segments to create a long-lasting and profoundly connective bond between consumers and your brand. Immersive delivers personalized solutions designed to create awareness, inspire conversation, generate sales lift, and increase retention.

what makes us different?

Immersive activates meaningful and authentic engagement with your brand
Social sites, mobile applications, and youth venues are important facets of a marketing strategy-especially to youth, yet interacting without a clear and relevant purpose will get you nowhere fast. It’s about understanding your core audience and delivering an authentic message to inspire action - that’s where we excel.

YouthVine™ - access to thousands of young consumers and parents

YouthVine™ (our youth and parent community) provides clients a valuable conduit to thousands of influential youth and their communities - kick starting your brand with an authentic foundation needed for success. Key to our success is access to a global network of 300,000 active consumers and knowledge of their purchasing and media consumption behaviors.
With the help of YouthVine™, we grow your brand fan base and motivate the most enthusiastic consumers in your target. We get them immersed in a personal experience with your product, so that they can fall in love with it. Then we make it easy for them to voice their opinions and recommendations with thousands of others both the digital space and in-person. The interactions started bring like-minded people together as brand advocates that help your brand achieve objectives.

a proven approach to connecting with young consumers

Immersive provides marketers with a complete set of solutions and experience needed to succeed: an experienced team, influential youth and parent network, agnostic view on media channels, and a metrics-driven approach to generate measurable results. We are no strangers to success— we've been a leading provider of youth, consumer and B2B marketing solutions for over 20 years, and in that time we've honed in our approach with many marketing programs for global brands including Qualcomm, Hansen’s Beverages, OLLO Parkour Footwear,, DJO, U.S. Air Force, Landscape Structures, Nissan, Six Flags Theme Parks, The Partnership For A Drug-Free America and more.

building on our heritage and expanding capabilities with ParkerWhite

After 14 years of delivering innovative youth marketing services independently, Immersive Youth Marketing has joined forces with ParkerWhite Brand Interactive. ParkerWhite is a leading branding and digital communications agency that delivers branding, digital marketing, web development & integrated marketing with ROI. Unified as Immersive, we are helping brands successfully leverage the power of consumer influence in bigger and more remarkable ways than ever before.